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ChromataChIP Kits



ChromataChIP Kits

Novus’ ChromataChIP™ Kits are a complete ChIP solution to help you perform chromatin immunoprecipitation efficiently and accurately in your laboratory. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of ChIP by testing multiple component options to make the best kit on the market.
Product Name Catalog # Unit Size Price ($USD) Price ($CAN) Price (£)
Basic ChIP kit NBP1-71709 25 immunoprecipitations Contact Senna    
H3K4Ac ChIP kit NBP1-71710 25 immunoprecipitations Contact Senna    
H3K9Me1 ChIP kit NBP1-71713 25 immunoprecipitations Contact Senna    
H3K9Me2 ChIP kit NBP1-71712 25 immunoprecipitations Contact Senna    
H3K9Me3 ChIP kit NBP1-71711 25 immunoprecipitations Contact Senna    
H3K9Ac/K14Ac ChIP kit NBP1-71714 25 immunoprecipitations Contact Senna    


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ChromataChIP Kit Components

Novus' ChromataChIP™ Kits come with the key components you need to perform Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, including a colorful, step-by-step protocol pamphlet to walk you through the 5 main phases of ChIP. Download the pamphlet here
• Positive Control Antibody 
• Positive Control Primers (RPL30)
• 10X Glycine
• IP Dilution Buffer
• IP Wash Buffer 1
• IP Wash Buffer 2
• IP Wash Buffer 3
• IP Wash Buffer 4
• IP Elution Buffer
• NaCl solution
• Proteinase K
• Protein A/G Magnetic Beads
• DNA Purification Kit

Learn more about Chromatin immunoprecipitation and ChromataChIP™ Kits by watching this webinar

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Why is the ChromataChip kit the best?

  • Simple to use – ChromataChIP™ is the simplest kit on the market. Our straightforward protocol will allow you to start chromatin immunoprecipitations immediately instead of fumbling through an overly complicated handbook.


  • Saves money – ChromataChIP™ kits are more cost effective than buying and testing separate components. In addition, all of our components have been individually tested to be the best in class. Since it only takes one component’s failure to ruin an entire assay, our kit eliminates this variable. These critical components include:

    Magnetic Protein A/G beads – With magnetic beads, you save time by performing quicker washes and save money by using less antibody with each IP. With agarose beads, users must first block the beads, carry out centrifugation with every wash, and waste time attempting to entirely separate the beads from washing buffers… with every wash! With magnetic beads, there is no  blocking, no centrifugation, and beads separate completely with the aid of a magnet. In addition, you will use 2-5 times less  antibody with magnetic beads, making precious antibody last much longer.

    Positive control antibody and primers – We include a vial of our Epi-plus H3 K4Me3 antibody with every kit. This, along with a human RPL30 primer set, will take the guess work out of ChIP.

    DNA purification columns – These best in class columns consistently give you maximum recovery in under 10 minutes without messy phenol/chloroform cleanup.


Chip Image of H3 K4Me3

Histone H3 Antibody

2 ug of NB21-1023 was used to IP
DNA from fixed Hela cells alongside a no antibody (No Ab) control. DNA was measured by qRT-PCR and normalized to total input (input=1).

RPL30 Primer

qRT-PCR standard curve generated from a serial dilution of sheared Hela chromatin.

RPL30 Primer

PCR product melt curve of 1% chromatin immunoprecipitation input sample run in duplicate.