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Posters y Literatura de Novus Biologicals



Novus Biologicals ofrece una variedad de posters y literatura que usted puede obtener de
manera gratuita.  Solo es necesario registrarse con nosotros en la pagina de registro

Catalogos y Folletos


This catalog focuses on Novus' epitope tag antibodies and loading controls. It also contains information on positive control tissues, lysates, peptides and proteins, as well as Western blot and IHC accessory products.

Learn about the antibodies Novus provides for apoptosis research. This catalog contains information on mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis, inhibitors of apoptosis, the death receptor signaling pathway, caspases and the connection between p53 and apoptosis.

Browse Novus' well published autophagy antibodies, including Beclin, LC3, HIFs, mTor, and more. This catalog contains information on macro and microautophagy, and the connections between cancer, hypoxia, neurodegeneration and autophagy.

 Apoptosis Catalog
 Autophagy Catalog

This catalog contains information on cancer research, including the ATM/ATR pathway, inhibitors of breast cancer, tumor suppressors, oncoproteins, and connections between cancer, angiogenesis, hypoxia, apoptosis, and autophagy.

This catalog contains antibodies involved in non-homologous end joining, homologous recombination, checkpoint signaling, DSB repair, base excision repair, direct reversal of DNA damage, and syndromes linked to DNA Repair, such as  Fanconi Anemia.

Learn about the antibodies Novus provides for G-Protein Coupled Receptors. This catalog covers a variety of GPCR families, including Rhodopsin-like receptors, Secretin receptors, Metabotropic Glutamate receptors and Frizzled/Smoothened receptors.

 Cancer Catalog
 DNA Repair Catalog
 GPCR Catalog

Novus is the original manufacturer of the widely published HIF-1 alpha (H1alpha67) antibody (cat# NB100-105). Browse Novus' other HIF antibodies, as well as Beclin, LC3, VEGF, EGLN, LOX, VHL, and more!

Use this catalog to browse cytokines, chemokines, Toll-like receptors, B cells, T cells, major histocompatibility complexes, immunoglobulins, CD cell markers, and antibodies for the study of autoimmune disorders, such as MS and RA.

Browse antibodies for lipid and metabolism research, including ABC transporters, scavenger receptors, lipid droplets, and unfolded protein response targets. Also learn about the connection between metabolism and cancer via obesity and diabetes.

 Hypoxia Catalog
 Immunology Catalog
 Lipid & Metabolism Catalog

Learn about the broad spectrum of marker antibodies available from Novus. This catalog contains information on stem cell markers, organelle markers, cancer markers, neural cell markers and fibroblast markers.

This catalog contains information on mitochondrial dynamics, sensory systems, neurotrophins, GPCRs, NMDA receptors, and neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and Huntington's diseases.

This catalog features secondary antibodies for 23 different species, ranging from the most widely studied species, such as mouse, to more niche species, such as alligator.  Also included in this catalog are isotype controls, antibody labeling kits, and more.

 Markers Catalog
 Neuroscience Catalog
 Secondaries Catalog

This catalog focuses on Novus' stem cell marker antibodies, including embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, tissue and organ specific stem cells, and cancer stem cell markers.  Information on NovActive proteins and stem cell lines is also included.

This flier provides information on Lightning-Link antibody labeling kits. Use this flier to browse the 40+ labels to which you can directly label your antibodies, including fluorescent dyes and proteins, enzymes, Biotin/Streptavidin, and tandem dyes.

Use this 4-page flier to learn about antibodies Novus provides for epigenetics research, including chromatin modifiers, microRNAs, histones and modified histones, and ChIP-grade antibodies.

 Stem Cells Catalog
 Antibody Labeling Flier
 Epigenetics Flier

Epitope tagging is a powerful tool for the detection and purification of expressed proteins. This flier includes Novus' wide range of epitope tag specific antibodies, including c-Myc, GFP, Luciferase, HA Tag and more!

This 2- page flier provides information on Mix-and-Match Pathway Assay Kits, which allow for the detection of activation states of multiple kinases on a single multiwell platform.

This 2-page flier provides information on ChromataChip™ Kits, Epi-Plus™ Antibodies and Precipitor™ .

 Epitope Tags Flier
 Mix-and-Match Pathway Assay Kits Flier  Tools for Epigenetics Research Flier


 Bladder Cancer Poster
 Colorectal Cancer Poster
 Fluorescent Labels Poster




 mTOR Poster
 Pancreatic Cancer Poster
 Renal Cell Carcinoma Poster
 Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Poster
 Stem Cell Differentiation Poster
 Stem Cell Signaling Poster
 Neurology Poster
 Modified Histone Poster